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Our products which are given information below is under guarantee by MSE TEKNOLOJİ LTD. ŞTİ. against manufacturing and assembly faults for one (1) year in accordance with provisions of the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502, the guarantee does not include the resistances, refractories, and consumables.


  • The guarantee period of the product is one (1) year and starts after delivery.

  • MSE Teknoloji provides full guarantee except resistances, refractories, tubes which used on tube furnaces, crucible, moulds, vessels, and consumables.

  • In case of any fault of device, the reparing time will be added to guarantee period only if the fault happens while under guarantee.

  • Maximum repair time of the product is 30 days. This period starts just after informing the proper service department.

  • In case of if the problem of the device could not fixed in 15 days, the exporter or importer shall to provide a device with proper features as the original one until the original one fixed.

  • Out of guarantee conditions:

    • Within the warranty period from the date of delivery, if more than two repetition of the same fault or more than four of the different malfunctions causing as a result of the continuity of non-use of goods within one year.
    • In case of go beyond the repair time; If there is no service department then seller, importer or exporter shall to create a report which indicates the device has no possibility to repair and as a result a new device will be provided without any charge.
    • The parts in which expires as a result of atmosphere conditions or usage faults such as consumables (refractories, resistances, tubes, etc.) are to change with fee.
    • Use of flammable or combustible materials.
    • Human intervention to the machine by the third party or unauthorized persons.
    • Inappropriate materials usage which is not accepted by manufacturer.
    • Forcing the product beyond technical features or capacity and using under inappropriate atmosphere conditionds which is not accepted by manufacturer.
    • For the devices which designed according to the 220V or 380V if any fault may occur regarding low or high voltages it will not covered by guarantee.
    • The faults which may occur wrong usage of the device which is not according to the user manual are not covered by guarantee.

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Consumer Protection General Directorate can be consulted for problems related to the guarantee certificate.


MSE Teknoloji Ltd. has been manufacturing devices & furnaces since 2007. So MSE Teknoloji Ltd. has an extensive supplies and network of spare parts of the devices it produce.

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